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Paĝenhavo ne ekzistas en aliaj lingvoj.
El Vikivortaro

I'm sorry for asking, but...[redakti]

Saluton! (translate)
I read your posts [1] and [2]. (translate)
I'm sorry for asking, but how could Uzanto:Taylor_49 desysop on november 15th if his admin rights automatically ended on november 13th? That is, you simply unblocked the user who, using the bot, deleted the content of the pages even when blocked. (translate)
The problem in the RfC that I opened is not that the Uzanto:Taylor_49 again started counterblocks, but that the articles are being deleted. (translate)
What about restoring of 146 pages, that i found as destroyed befor the RfC was opened and about 5 pages with content deleted while RfC is in diskuss?
What about restoring of history of contribution, as example for pages ezoko, betulo?
(once again I apologize for the questions) Va (🖋️) 14:39, 15 nov. 2021 (UTC)Reply[Respondi]

Vi demove malpravas -- you are wrong again[redakti]

  1. I am NOT male (your "his" above is deliberately wrong again).
  2. I did not delete anything "even when blocked", your fanaticism against me creates fake "facts" not existing outside of your brain.
  3. You know very well that this wiki is full of pirated content inserted by your pajĉjo Pablo ... pages deleted for a reason will be recreated in a clean and legal manner as time and your harassment permit, but not sooner. Pirated revisions will NEVER be restored because they violate TOS #4. Please stop shouting and harassing me now.

Taylor 49 (diskuto) 19:34, 15 nov. 2021 (UTC)Reply[Respondi]

1. As a user, person, account or bot owner, etc., it does not matter who you are or how you identify yourself, but all these concepts are defined by the pronoun he. I have already explained to you that your gender issues do not interest me and do not bother me, but constantly waving your gender in front of my face is an insult. (translate)
The conversation doesn't make sense.
2. Here are the protocols. Moreover, these are protocols available at the user level. Do you know the difference between "fake" and protocol? (translate)
Taylorbot is a bot under your control. The fact that your personal account was blocked is a fact, not a fake. (translate)
The conversation doesn't make sense.
3. I understand perfectly well that you have absolutely no knowledge of jurisprudence, copyright and patent law. And you haven't even read the license and terms of use that you agreed to comply with. And which you cynically violate.

Your activity falls under the definition of patent lawsuits. Something is described here. The fact that your goal is not money does not make your activity normal. (translate)

The conversation doesn't make sense. Va (🖋️) 20:26, 15 nov. 2021 (UTC)Reply[Respondi]
Agree. The conversation doesn't make sense. Please avoid continuing it, and f**k off. Taylor 49 (diskuto) 20:30, 15 nov. 2021 (UTC)Reply[Respondi]
Estas evidente, ke kiam vi skribis "you are wrong again" - vi skribis tion ne al Thanks for the fish!, sed al mi. Teknike vi kreis apartan temon. Sed estas evidente, ke tio estis respondo, kiun vi malĝuste aranĝis. (translate)
Tamen el mia aserto, ke la la konversacio estas sensenca, ne sekvas, ke mi ion devas ĉesi. Krom tio, mi ne proponis al vi ion ĉesi. Krom vi ekzistas aliaj homoj, kiuj mem kapablas fari proprajn konkludojn. Eĉ el sensencaj konversacioj. Vi rajtas daŭrigi, vi rajtas ĉesi - ĉio tio estas tute viaj rajtoj. (translate)
La problemo estas, ke dum mi agnoskas viajn rajtojn - vi ignoras rajtojn de aliaj, kaj evitas la licenzon kun uzkondiĉoj, kiujn vi aprobis aliĝinte al la projekto. (translate) Va (🖋️) 11:39, 16 nov. 2021 (UTC)Reply[Respondi]