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sv-4 Den här användaren kan svenska nästan på modersmålsnivå.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
eo-3 Ĉi tiu uzanto povas komuniki per alta aŭ flua nivelo de Esperanto.
id-2 Pengguna ini memiliki pengetahuan menengah bahasa Indonesia.
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Pengguna ini pandai memprogram templat dan modul [butuh rujukan].
Pengguna ini adalah seekor kera
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Mi ne fumas tabakon kaj mi malŝatas esti enfumita en publikaj ejoj. Den här användaren är rökfri.
Den här användaren använder gärna cykel som transportmedel.
.TXTPengguna ini menyukai tulisan dengan format teks polos.
Mi estas tute kontraŭ la NATO (Nord-Atlantika Teror-Organizo)
Den här användaren kommer från Jorden.
Mi estas ateisto.
Mi malvolas nuklean genocidon sur la Tero.
This user remembers the
Stone Age
Pengguna ini mendukung
transportasi umum
dan apalagi transportasi rel



Project My account permanently banned State of the project My role My activity
EO Wikipedia maybe / eble ?? mempatrolanto low / malalta
EO Wiktionary YES desperate / senespera administranto kaj forbarito ??
ID Wikipedia no / tidak medium pengguna peninjau rollbacker reviewer high / tinggi
SV Wikipedia not yet / ännu inte good tillbakarullare / rollbacker low / låg
SV Wiktionary no / nej good / bra administratör / sysop high / hög

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"wmflabs" and "CentralAuth" about me

Language learning resources



  • - corpus by Mark Davies, Professor of Linguistics, Brigham Young University
  • - search inside old books, only until year 2008 (by default only year 2000)
  • - grammar and controversial words (and much advertising)
  • - Spelling, grammar and plagiarism checker. Windows app (cload, requires internet access) or browser plugin. Restricted usability with a free acount.
  • - Svenska hydrologiska rådet (SHR) (hydrologic dictionary EN<->SV and definitions in English)
  • - dictionary and encyclopedia (and much advertising)


  • - elektronika lingvoscienca tekstaro (AKK korpuso) de Esperanto
  • - reta versio de la "Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto" AKK "PIV"



Shared ArbCom:s

This is my private proposal based on initiative of user Ramzy.

"xwikiarb Model B plus"

based on "xwikiarb Model B" by Ramzy Muliawan

Previous ideas and resources:

| xwikiarb
| Ramzy Muliawan Q106762396 muha(double m)

| Arbitration model to resolve disputes are now in place at 11 Wikipedia
| projects (Czech, German, English, Persian, Finnish, French, Hungarian,
| Dutch, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian) and 1 Wikinews project (English).

| xwikiarb Model A: multiple projects in the same region
| One ArbCom for all projects in the Indonesian languages (21 projects)

| xwikiarb Model B: multiple projects in the same language
| id.wikipedia + id.wiktionary ...

| xwikiarb Model C: multiple projects of the same type in the same region
| id.wikipedia + jv.wikipedia

Comments on Ramzy's models:

# "xwikiarb Model A"

The core problem is to define a "region". Ramzy defines it as the
state of Indonesia. One disadvantage is binding wiki structures to
an inherently evil base in the form of borders between states ("Crimea"
is one of the more recent cases of violent changes of such borders, but
even Indonesia has had or still has such problems). This will not work
well in other places, and may cause trouble even in Indonesia due to
minorities less appreciating the central government in Jakarta (-ace-
for example, and there are more).

# idea to merge several projects in a "region" of same type
  but different language "xwikiarb Model C" (-id- wiktionary
  + -jv- wiktionary + ...)

This will NOT work. The biggest one of them, -id- wiktionary,
is still too small to make an ArbCom possible. And the size of all
them together will most likely not be sufficient either. The
only possible outcome of this strategy is that no wiktionary,
except -en- maybe, will have an ArbCom. Also all above outlined
flaws of the model A are still present.

# idea to merge several projects of same language but different
  type "xwikiarb Model B" (-id- wikipedia + -id-  wiktionary + ...)

This is the way to go. It should be obligatory (or at least strongly
encouraged) for all languages, as well as an extra group for Commons +
Wikidata + Meta + MediaWiki together. This way most wikis will not rely
on the U4C (global ArbCom) as the only decision body / instance. This
means that the jurisdiction of existing ArbComs on several wikipedias
will be extended to other wikis in the same language. The ArbComs
should be moved from the NS=4 on wikipedias as for example

to a separate domain, for example


to make sure that they will not be too wikipedia-centristic. It could
be a challenge for the arbitrators to understand for example that
the holy "five pillars" are valid for wikipedia only, and cannot
be applied for conflicts on for example wiktionary. But this is
solvable, and the benefits of this solution outweigh the troubles.

Communities that are "big enough" (this has to be elaborated
in detail) should be required (or at least strongly
encouraged) to establish an ArbCom.

Besides (maybe unconditionally) merging all projects of same language
but different type, there should be optionally a possibility
to merge several languages ("xwikiarb Model B plus"). For example
the -jv- community could decide to join the -id- ArbCom, and accept
-id- as the language of proceedings, the only viable alternative being
ruled directly by U4C (global ArbCom). Also, reportedly, -da- and -no-
wikipedias have been trying to build a common ArbCom at some time.
A broad consensus ie high majority on both or all sides should be
required for such a merge to be permitted, and would result in the
ArbCom located under a suitable neutral domain such as


This may work in some cases (-id- plus -jv-), in other cases it will
not. There are some problem minorities in Indonesia, for example many
Acehnese people feel oppressed by the central government making it
unlikely that they will join the -id- ArbCom. Same will probably apply
for -ru- + -uk- , Yugoslavia and many others. This means that there
will be communities left unable to establish a separate ArbCom,
and unwilling to join one, and there must be a "plan B" for them,
one possibility is a direct jurisdiction of the U4C (global ArbCom).

Pronouns -- Pronomoj -- Pronomina AKA Kata pengganti -- Pronomen

A pronoun is a _word_ _class_ containing small but crucial words
that can replace or join (precede or follow) nouns. There exist
several subclasses, the most important ones are:
* personal pronouns
* possessive pronous
* indefinite pronouns

* -en- 2nd person : you   you    your
* -en- 3nd person : ey    em     eir
* -eo- 2nd person : vi    vin    via[j][n]
* -eo- 3rd person : ri    rin    ria[j][n]
* -id- 2nd person : Anda  Anda   Anda
* -id- 3rd person : dia   dia    dia
* -sv- 2nd person : du    dig    din/ditt/dina
* -sv- 3rd person : hen   henom  hens