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Problem with french translation[redakti]

Excuse me to speak english but I cannot speak esperanto fluently. So, I noted that there is a mistake into french translation. It is written « un tiens vaut mieŭ que deŭ tu l'auras » whereas it should be « un tiens vaut mieu‿x que deu‿x tu l'auras ». It seems it is a problem with the letter « x » which is automatically replace by a diacritic. Pamputt 09:16, 15. Mar 2010 (UTC)

Hi, Pamputt! Thank you very much for the observation, even if in English. :) All correction is welcome. It happens, cos the esperanto wiktionary automatically substitutes the pair "ux" for the esperanto letter "ŭ". If we use double x ("uxx"), we avoid this. Hugs and thanks, Fernando Maia Jr. 12:01, 15. Mar 2010 (UTC).
Please add translations only to the page in Esperanto: Pasero kaptita estas pli bona ol aglo kaptota. Taylor 49 (diskuto) 12:34, 1 jul. 2022 (UTC)Reply[respondi]

Mankas responda esperanta proverbo[redakti]

Mi ne sukcesis trovi iun. Taylor 49 (diskuto) 11:58, 1 jul. 2022 (UTC)Reply[respondi]

Jen Pasero kaptita estas pli bona ol aglo kaptota.