bring home the bacon

El Vikivortaro


IFA 'brɪŋ'hoʊmðə'beɪkən 



[1] idiomaĵo: perlabori sian porvivaĵon, sian (ĉiutagan) panon, perlabori sian vivtenon; gajni sian vivtenon
[2] idiomaĵo: alproprigi al si la triunfon, trafi la triunfon

Signifoj en la angla:

[1] idiomatic: To have employment which provides remuneration to satisfy the basic needs of oneself and one's family. To have a remunerative job; to have a career which satisfies one's financial needs to the extent that it can support oneself and one's family. To earn money, particularly for one's family
[2] To be successful, especially financially successful.
    • 2005, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul‎:
      It's just that I think I'm going to lose my job at the studio and am damned scared of not being able to bring home the bacon.
    • 2008, November 22, In Alaska, Stevens' long reign is over, Los Angeles Times:
      No one brought home the bacon better than Stevens.
    • 2009 October 21, Stuart Jeffries, “Why don't more dads work part-time?”, The Guardian:
      I have to say I like being the man, bringing home the bacon.
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