take the piss

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Verbo, Vortgrupo[redakti]

 take the piss ( en , VE , GR )

Eble el piss-proud. Figure, to be piss-proud signifas havi falsan fieron, do 'taking the piss out of' signifas malfierigi iun. [1]
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  1. (frazverbo; + prepozicio "out of"; vulgara) primoki (iun)
    Sinonimoj: take the mickey
    Ne konfuzu kun: take a piss
  • 1987, Judy Vermorel, Sex Pistols: the inside story‎, p.16
    You know, cos he was like taking the piss out of them and they took the piss out of him.
  • 1999, Carole Zucker, In the company of actors: reflections on the craft of acting‎, p.152
    A lot of that stuff that people take the piss out of all the time is actually useful.
  • 2008, Will Swanton, Some Day: Inside the Dream Tour and Mick Fanning's 2007 Championship Win‎, [1]
    He's either taking it easy or taking the piss by arriving at the eleventh hour.
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