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Compound of odd +‎ ball. Attested since the 1940s, with the adjective appearing earlier than the noun.
IFAusona  ˈɑːdˌbɔl 

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Angla substantivo
English noun

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  1. bizara; bizarulo; stranga; strangulo
  1. An eccentric or unusual person.
    • 1989, Maris Soule, Storybook Hero, page 5:
      "She's different, mister. A real oddball, if you know what I mean. But your little girl would love her. All kids love the Doll Lady."
  2. luksemburga A deviant stimulus that appears among repetitive stimuli during an experiment, to trigger an event-related potential in the participant.

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  1. Exotic, not mainstream.
    • 1984, Steven K. Roberts, The Complete Guide to Microsystem Management:
      An oddball word processor, for example, might never be supported by such helpful tools as spelling checkers, indexing programs, footnote utilities,...