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Open book 01.svg Substantivo[redakti]

Angla substantivo
English noun

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  1. (vestaĵo) komunlingve jako; mallonga jaketo; manteleto havanta longajn manikojn, vestaĵo porvirina ĵaketo; de libro kromkovrilo
Nuvola kdict glass.svgDeveno
El la mezfranca jacquet, diminutivo de la malnov-franca "jaque.
Nuvola apps edu languages.pngElparolo
Bildo sinonimo en vikivortaro.svgSamsencaĵoj
  1. A piece of clothing worn on the upper body outside a shirt or blouse, often waist length to thigh length.
  2. A piece of a person's suit, beside trousers and, sometimes, waistcoat ; coat Usono
  3. A removable or replaceable protective or insulating cover for an object (eg a book, hot water tank.); sleeve
  4. slang A police record.
    • 1995, Clockers, 00:26:00:
      "We got a crowd of black, white customers, out-of-state license plates, what have you. Somebody gonna check that out. They gonna drop a dime on me, call 911. With my jacket, I can't go back to jail."
    • 1995, Clockers, 00:43:50:
      "Yo's jacket shows possession with intent, possession of unlicensed firearm, and assault, for which he still owes three years."
  5. military In ordnance, a strengthening band surrounding and reinforcing the tube in which the charge is fired.
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Open book 01.svg Verbo[redakti]

Lua-eraro en package.lua, linio 80: module 'Module:scripts/findBestScript' not found. (3a persono ununombro simpla as-tempo jackets, as-tempa participo jacketing, simpla as-tempo kaj pasinta participo jacketed)

  1. transitive To enclose or encase in a jacket or other covering.
    • 1897, Alexander James Wallis-Tayler, Motor Cars Or Power-carriages for Common Roads
      ...to...prevent...the loss of heat...there is also a layer of silicate cotton or slag wool. This latter material is also employed to jacket the chimney for a certain portion of its length.