Saltu al enhavo

give up

El Vikivortaro


Verbo, Vortgrupo[redakti]

 give up ( en , VE , GR )

  • (frazverbo)


  1. (transitiva) rezigni
    They gave up the search when it got dark.
    Sinonimoj: surrender, give in, resign
  2. (transitiva) (fi)denunci, (fi)raporti, (fi)informi
    They gave him up to the police.
  1. He was surrounded, so gave himself up.
  2. transitive To relinquish (something).
    He gave up his seat to an old man.
    • 1816, Jane Austen, Emma, Volume 1, Chapter 7:
      "Dear Miss Woodhouse, I would not give up the pleasure and honour of being intimate with you for any thing in the world."
  3. transitive To lose hope concerning (someone or something).
    They gave him up for dead.
  4. transitive To abandon (someone or something).
    I gave up my faith years ago.
  5. intransitive To admit defeat, to capitulate.
    OK, I give up, you win.
Derived terms[redakti]