come through

El Vikivortaro



come through (infinitivo to come through, tria singulara persono comes through, simpla pasinta came through, pasiva participo come through, aktiva participo coming through)

  • (frazverbo)


[1] postvivi
[2] sukcesi
Looks like our resourceful Lukas has come through again.[1]
  1. en ; idiomatic To survive, to endure.
    He came through the surgery ok.
  2. netransitiva ; idiomajxa To succeed.
    The team came through in the end and won the pennant.
  3. (with an object preceded by the preposition for) Not to let somebody down, keep one's promise.
    She really came through for us when the project was in trouble.
  1. Die Präsenz. Reĝisorita de Daniele Grieco. Stella Maris Film. Filmo, 2015.