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Disambig.svg Vidu ankaŭ (ĉiuj lingvoj): breakout



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  1. luksemburga To escape, especially forcefully or defiantly.
    They broke out of prison in the middle of the night.
  2. luksemburga To bring out, use, or present.
    Break out the bubbly and celebrate.
  3. luksemburga To separate from a bundle.
    Break out the cables from the harness once they are inside the frame.
  4. luksemburga To take or force out by breaking.
    to break out a pane of glass
  5. luksemburga To begin suddenly; to emerge in a certain condition.
    He broke out in sweat.
    He broke out in song.
    • 1922, James Joyce, Ulysses Chapter 13
      The pretty lips pouted awhile but then she glanced up and broke out into a joyous little laugh which had in it all the freshness of a young May morning.
  6. luksemburga To suddenly get pimples, especially on one's face.


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