walk off

El Vikivortaro
Vidu ankaŭ (ĉiuj lingvoj): walkoff, walk-off


Verbo, Vortgrupo[redakti]

 walk off ( en , VE , GR )

walk off (infinitivo to walk off, tria singulara persono walks off, simpla pasinta walked off, pasiva participo walked off, aktiva participo walking off)

  • (frazverbo)


  1. (netransitiva) foriri, forpaŝi, forflugi
  2. (transitiva) To recover from (a minor injury) or digest (a large meal) by walking around.
    It doesn't feel too bad. Let me walk it off.
  3. (transitiva) To measure a distance by walking, as by counting paces or extending a measuring tape or rope.