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[1] superatuti; atuto

trump n (outranking card) (naipes, cartas) triunfo nm

   I didn't have a trump so had to play a club.
        No tenía un triunfo así que tuve que jugar un trébol.

trumps npl (cards: outranking suit) (naipes) triunfo nm

   Trumps are spades this hand, not hearts.
        Los triunfos son de espadas esta mano, no de corazones.

trump [sth] or [sb] vtr (cards: take with a trump) (naipes) matar con un triunfo loc verb

   My eight trumped his jack.
        Mi 8 mató con un triunfo a su jota.

trump [sb] vtr figurative (outdo) superar⇒ vtr

           sobrepasar⇒ vtr
                triunfar⇒ vtr
        His performance trumped the singer who came before him.
        Su actuación superó a la del cantante que vino antes que él.

Additional Translations English Spanish trump n UK, slang (intestinal gas: fart) pedo nm

           gas nm

trump vi UK, slang (pass intestinal gas) (AR) tirarse un pedo loc verb

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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2016: Compound Forms: English Spanish play your trump card v expr figurative (make use of an advantage) jugar su mejor carta loc verb trump card n (playing card that gives an advantage) mejor carta adj + nf trump card n figurative ([sth] that gives [sb] an advantage) (figurado) mejor carta loc nom f

           as bajo la manga loc nom f

trump [sth] up vtr phrasal sep informal (fabricate: charges) (pruebas) falsear⇒ vtr

   Joe was released from jail when his lawyer proved that the charges