El Vikivortaro

aboni; kotizi; subskripcii

subscribe vi (sign up to [sth]) (publicación) suscribirse, subscribirse v prnl

  (servicio) abonarse v prnl
 The online streaming service offered a one-month free trial so customers could decide if they wanted to subscribe.

subscribe to [sth] vi + prep (publication: prepay for issues) (a una publicación) suscribirse a v prnl + prep

 Bill subscribed to the magazine for a year.

subscribe to [sth] vi + prep (service: sign up) suscribirse a, subscribirse a vprnl + prep

 I subscribed to this internet service provider because I already have a mobile phone contract with them.

subscribe to [sth] vi + prep figurative (agree with) suscribir a, subscribir a vtr + prep

   convenir con vi + prep
   estar de acuerdo loc verb
 The deputy manager subscribed to her boss's view that they needed to provide more incentives for the staff.