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ekkapti pick up a flu - ricevi malvarmumon


:[1] From the day I was born I had heard it said, over and over again, that the rail lines and camps of the United Fruit Company had been built at night because during the day the sun made the tools too hot to pick up.[1]

Globe of letters.svgTradukoj
agarrar vtr coloquial (enfermedad, problema) pick up vtr + prep
	 	catch vtr
	No sé en dónde agarré esta gripe, alguien me la contagió.

I don't know where I picked up this flu - someone must have passed it on to me.

  1. Gabriel García Márquez. Living to Tell the Tale (Vivi por ĝin rakonti). [elhispanigita de Edith Grossman]. — Londono, 2003, paĝo