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Disambig.svg Vidu ankaŭ (ĉiuj lingvoj): gumbó


Gumbo (stew) with okra pods.

From vira, vira, possibly via .[1][2] Cognate to Ŝablono:cog, Caribbean Ŝablono:cog, and cognates in other Romance languages.


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Angla substantivo
English noun
  1. luksemburga The okra plant or its pods.
  2. luksemburga A soup or stew made with okra.
  3. luksemburga A fine silty soil that when wet becomes very thick and heavy.
    • 1909, Ralph Connor, The Foreigner, ch. 11:
      The team stuck fast in the black muck, and every effort to extricate them served only to imbed them more hopelessly in the sticky gumbo.
    • 1914 April, "Making Good Roads by Firing Poor Ones," Popular Mechanics, p. 567:
      There are no poorer roads in all the United States than the "gumbo" roads of the south—gumbo being the name give a certain kind of mud or clay that is particularly sticky, clings tenaciously, seems to have no bottom, and will not support any weight.
    • 1950 July 3, "Labor: Trouble at Lowland," Time:
      The red gumbo soil uttered ugly sucking sounds at the touch of a man's boot.
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