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figure out

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figure out (infinitivo to figure out, tria singulara persono figures out, simpla pasinta figured out, pasiva participo figured out, aktiva participo figuring out)


  1. figure out a problem - solvi problemon; eltrovi la solvon de problemo; figure out what to do - elpensi kion fari; I finally figured her out - fine mi komprenas ŝin; figure out an amount - kalkuli sumon; researchers are figuring out if there will be enough water in 50 years - esploristoj estas determinantaj ĉu estos sufiĉe da akvo post 50 jaroj
  2. idiomatic To come to understand; to discover or find a solution; to deduce.
    As soon as I figure out what is wrong with my car, I will fix it.
  3. idiomatic To calculate.
    We'd already figured out that the trip would cost $1,000.