bragging rights

El Vikivortaro


 # # Erara uzo de ŝablono {{aŭdo}}. Dosiero ne ekzistas. # # 



  [1] privilegio memlaŭdi pri akiritaĵo; montrado aŭ dirado, pri oniaj sukcesaj penadoj.
  1. idiomatic The prerogative to praise oneself for an accomplishment or for possession of a superior characteristic. Bragging is showing off, the telling someone of your successful endeavours.
[1] Esperanto, by its very nature, is a niche language, in my opinion. There's nothing wrong with that. It also gives (limited) access to (limited) things that some people want: connections with people in other countries who share the language; intellectual stimulation; probably some bragging rights.[1]
    • 2013, Delme Parfitt in Wales Online, Cardiff City 1 - 0 Swansea City: Steven Caulker heads Bluebirds to South Wales derby win (3 November 2013)
      It won't be remembered as a classic in the pantheon of great South Wales derbies, but nobody on the Cardiff City side of the divide will care as their team secured the first ever set of Premier League bragging rights in the Welsh capital.
    • 2008, Andrea Sachs, "Business books (review of How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis)," Time, 3 Jul.,
      Worth as much as $900 million, he estimates, the author clearly thinks he has earned bragging rights, and he intends to exercise them.