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These modules contain definitions and metadata for all language codes on Wiktionary. See Wiktionary:Languages for more information.

The language codes are organised as follows:

  • data2 contains two-letter (ISO 639-1) language codes.
  • data3 contains three-letter (mostly ISO 639-3) language codes. They are organised into further submodules by the first letter of each code; the main data3 module itself is empty.
  • datax contains exceptional language codes that were created by Wiktionary. These consist of a series of at least two (usually 3-letter) codes separated by hyphens.

The "stable" module is special. It contains codes for which the information is considered unlikely to change. Edits to the "stable" module should be kept to a bare minimum. Codes that are in the stable module should not be present in any of the other modules.

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