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Use this template to specify an accent qualifier for a pronunciation.

It is to be used under the Pronunciation header, as the first template on a line after an asterisk. It may very rarely be used in other ways (for example, under usage notes). It should only be used for accents, usually in the form of a place name, such as Canada, Massachusetts, London. It should not be used for other qualifiers like noun, verb adjective (and so on). The template {{qualifier}} is used for these. The only exception to this rule is when an accent is provided in the template and another qualifier is to be specified for that same pronunciation. For example {{a|RP|rare}} and {{a|NZ|noun}} are both acceptable, but {{a|rare}} is not, because 'rare' is not an accent.

Labels are added to Module:accent qualifier/data, the data submodule of Module:accent qualifier.

===Elparolo=== * {{a|RP}} {{IFA|/wɜːd/|lang=en}} * {{a|GA|Canada}} {{enPR|wûrd}}, {{IFA|/wɝd/|lang=en}}


For other qualifiers, the following templates are preferred:

  • To provide a context for a definition, use "label" instead.
  • To provide a sense to which a synonym, antonym, related term, or other -onym applies, use {{sense}} instead.
  • To qualify a list item with something other than a sense gloss (e.g. to qualify a synonym with a region or register), use {{qualifier}} instead.


Readers can customize the styles using WT:PREFS or by editing their personal CSS files (e.g. Special:Mypage/monobook.css), as described in WT:CUSTOM.

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